Shaw is definitely not short on hip bars and nightspots, but some some places just leave you with a little something that stays on your mind. One such delightful place is Maxwell Park. Photo: R. Lopez



Good Things In Small Packages

Maxwell Park is definitely not one of those places where you will get lost going to the restroom. It’s cozy and quaint with just the right type of ambiance where you could see yourself popping in after a fancy affair or during a more chilled night on the town. The vibe is welcoming and has a way of encouraging you to settle in and make yourself comfortable. 


Don’t Get it Twisted 

As wonderfully cool as Maxwell Park is with it’s low key atmosphere and infectious music playlist (often old-school hip-hop that somehow makes my wine taste better), it’s not as understated when it comes to being a legit destination for quality wine. An example of this is their by-the-glass wines (about 50 total) that are kept in four different temperature-controlled zones made possible care of this intriguingly involved refrigeration system that even when explained to me I still didn’t understand. But I really didn’t care either because I was far too consumed by the delish wine I was sipping and the addictive chalkboard bar that I was sketching random musings on. 


Whose Genius Idea Was This Anyway?

The fantastic-ness of this place is great, but also quite logical being that Maxwell Park was founded by Brent Kroll who has designed and overseen award winning wine programs both in and outside DC. In fact, it’s Brent and his partners Niki Lang and Daniel Runnerstrom (also restaurant veterans with impressive resumes in their own right) that make up the triple threat sommelier triad who you will regularly see on most nights when you visit Maxwell Park. 


What Else?

In addition to an extensive bottle list that you are unlikely to see the end of, Maxwell Park offers a few housemade bottled cocktails and a few craft brews. You won’t get a full dinner, here but they do have better than average bar nibbles like charcuterie and such. 

Photo: Yelp, Christy B.

Getting There

Maxwell Park is located at 1336 9th St NW right at the corner of O St. opposite of the Cambria Hotel.  If you choose to drive, you may get lucky with metered parking along 9th St.


Put It On Your List

Shaw is bustling right now with all kinds of cool spots but trust me that Maxwell Park in on something completely different…in a good way. Being voted by DC bartenders as one of the best bars in DC, Maxwell Park is definitely a place you don’t want to sleep on. They are open every night starting at 5pm.


Follow Them

You can follow them on social media via @maxwelldcwine.


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