Top Trending Home Improvement Projects: When to DIY and When to Hire a Pro

By Paul Denikin of   Being a homeowner means your job is never done when it comes to making improvements. This comes with the territory, but how do you know which projects to prioritize? And which ones you can DIY as opposed to hiring a professional? The list of projects you could do is endless, but these are just a few upgrades that are trending among homeowners and buyers today. Here’s how to get started, what to do yourself, and how to know when it’s time to call a pro!   Credit: RawPixel Install Hardwood Floors One

Get Happy – Ultimate List of District Metro Happy Hours

We've searched around town and asked our most persnickety insider connections for the best of the best Happy Hours in and around the District Metro. The result is this Ultimate Happy Hour outpost list. See below and find your 'Happy'!   DC Northwest Mr Braxton | Mon-Friday 'til 7pm (Park View) Archipelago Happy Hour   Tues-Fri Weekly (Cardozo) Red Derby  Daily 5pm-8pm (Columbia Heights) Colada Shop  Mon-Fri 4pm-7pm (Shaw) Barcelona Wine Bar  Mon-Fri 4pm-6pm (Shaw) Joe's Stone Crab  Daily 2:30pm-6:30pm (Downtown) Bar Charley  Daily 'til 6:30pm (all nite on Mon) (Dupont Cir) El Chucho  Mon-Fri 4pm-6:30pm (Columbia Hts) Bistro Bohem 

Top 10 Gyms In The District Metro

Did you know that Washington, DC has ranked as the #1 fittest city for 3 out of the 4 past years on the American College of Sports Medicine’s American Fitness Index? We only lost the #1 spot last year by 1 point - thanks Minneapolis. But the point is we take fitness seriously! Below I’ve compiled a list of the top places in DC to get in a great workout in based on user reviews.     photo credit: CorePower Yoga Corepower Yoga DuPont 1150 Connecticut Avenue NW Website CorePower Yoga has made a name for itself in the area

The Top 5 Places For a Great Beard Trim

From heavy stubble to the 5 o'clock shadow there is no mistaking the fact that beards are on trend right now. We've scoured the web and read the reviews to save you some time in your hunt for the best places in the DC area for a good beard trim. See our top picks listed below.    Upper Cuts Gentlemen's Grooming Place 716 14th St NW (Downtown) Photo - Business Owner, Yelp Customer Ratings:  Yelp-4.5/5.0, Facebook-4.7/5.0, Google-4.0/5 Why People Like It: People love the great customer service, ambiance and reasonable prices. What’s The Deal: Beard services start at $30.00.  

The Top 5 Inexpensive Massage Spots In The DC Area

For many of us, getting a massage is an indulgence that often comes about after a a little innocent self-deception that we 'deserve' to drop $170 or so on a personal treat. Well, the fact is we do deserve to treat ourselves to a massage from time to time, but dropping a crazy amount of money in the process is just unnecessary!  Below you’ll find a roundup of the area’s BEST places for a great massage for $100 or less.   Origins Thai Spa Elite 925 N Garfield St, Ste E Arlington, VA 22201 Customer Ratings:  Yelp-4.5/5.0, TripAdvisor-4.5/5.0 Groupon-100%, Facebook-4.8/5.0



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