Did you know that Washington, DC has ranked as the #1 fittest city for 3 out of the 4 past years on the American College of Sports Medicine’s American Fitness Index? We only lost the #1 spot last year by 1 point – thanks Minneapolis. But the point is we take fitness seriously! Below I’ve compiled a list of the top places in DC to get in a great workout in based on user reviews.



photo credit: CorePower Yoga

Corepower Yoga DuPont

1150 Connecticut Avenue NW

CorePower Yoga has made a name for itself in the area and the DuPont Circle location is no exception. People love the convenient location of rave about their instructors and great classes such as Yoga Sculpt. If you think you’ll only get some relaxing Yoga here, think again as they have many high intensity workouts that will challenge you physically and mentally. Whether you are new to yoga or have mastered your Crow Pose, you’re sure to find a class to meet your needs. If you’ve never been here, I’d definitely recommend trying them out and your first week is free so you have nothing to lose!


photo credit: HamptonWorkout


8026 Cryden Way Forestville, MD

Owned and managed by certified speed and agility trainer, Stephon Hampton, HamptonWorkout serves to physically empower people reach the peak of their athletic ability and health. They specialize in designing customized workouts for both athletes and every day people and you are sure to scratch off all your fitness goals with their help. HamptonWorkout also offers boot camps and boxing classes and they are the only stick mobility training center in the area. Your first consultation is free so why not check them out for yourself?


photo credit: F45


1020 U St NW

F45 Training is a new technique that offers a challenging spin on your typical workout. At F45 you will find a variety of 45-minute classes that will help you get in a fun, high-intensity workout. The classes are constantly changing and feature several HIIT stations that you rotate from throughout the class so you won’t have time to get bored. They feature a combination of cardio and strength training and great music to keep you going. They offer a 2 week free trial for new members so give them a try!


photo credit: Urban Boxing

Urban Boxing

1116 24th St NW

Since 2015 Urban Boxing has really made a name for itself locally and is rated as the #1 boxing gym in DC. It offers both individual training and group setting workouts and they place a focus on creating a fun environment for high-energy fitness and self-defense. They offer training for both novice and experienced fighters and the drills will challenge you and improve your physical and mental strength in all the right ways. They have a free class offer to make it super easy for you to try them out so head to their website and request your class!


photo credit: District Martial Arts

District Martial Arts

2300 N Pershing Dr, Arlington, VA

District Martial Arts is martial arts training academy that features self-defense and boxing classes for both boxing pros and everyday people who want to simply add a new challenge to their personal fitness routine.. People love their supportive team and positive environment that makes you feel comfortable whether you are an experienced boxer or never picked up a pair of gloves a day in your life. With perfect 5-star reviews online, you should definitely check out one of their free sessions for yourself and experience this premier facility first hand


photo credit: Cut Seven

Cut Seven

1101 Rhode Island Ave NW

People in the area who have visited Cut Seven say it provides, hands down, the best high intensity workouts in the District Metro. If you are looking for a place to casually workout while taking long breaks on machines to scroll your social media feeds, this is not the place for you. This place is all about giving you your money’s worth on every visit and challenging you head on to reach your fitness peak. Members love the sense of community here and team atmosphere and thier tough but scaleable workouts will guarantee to help you reach your fitness goals. For new visitors they suggest starting with their Strength workout and you’ll get a discount on the first visit so why not book your own ‘Cut’ today?


photo credit: Off Road DC

Off Road DC

905 U St NW

Off Road DC is an indoor cycling studio that prides itself on helping you grow your strength, endurance, and power. People in the have long praised their classes, which are designed to push you physically with every session. In fact, many people say they are the best off road cycling studio in the District Metro. In addition to, the best indoor cycling you can find, they also offer boxing instruction featuring circuit workouts and HIIT style clases suited to all fitness levels. They have daily Drop-Iin offers so I highly encourage you to check them out and see for yourself why they made CityPaper’s 2016 and 2017 Best of DC Reader’s Choice list.


photo credit: Balance Gym

Balance Gym

Multiple locations

Balance Gym is well known in the area and folks have flocked to them so much so that they say it’s the best gym in DC. People love their variety of classes such as Yoga and Balance Strong and because of the size of their facilities, there is always plenty of space to find your own little nook to get it in with your routine. All of their locations off a Free Pass so if you’ve been curious about what they have to offer, go see for yourself why they made City Paper’s 2016, and 2017 Best of DC list. They have locations in Glover Park, Capitol Hill, Foggy Bottom and Thomas Circle.

photo credit: Fit 360

Fit 360 DC

3058 Mt Pleasant St NW

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the typical big box gym, FIT360DC is your answer. They have a unique concept in that they are a functional fitness training facility that places a focus on both personal and small group strength and conditioning training. They have a wide variety of equipment and based on their member reviews they have hit the ball out of the park when it comes to creating a welcoming and functional environment for people at all fitness levels. Once you become a member, you’ll get 24/7 access to the facility to make it uber easy for you to find time in your busy schedule to knock out your fitness goals each week. They offer free classes for new visitors as well as Drop-In Offers so do yourself a favor and try them out.


Photo Credit: 305 Fitness

305 Fitness

1328 Florida Ave NW

Working out is boring…said no one who has ever visited 305 Fitness. With a live DJ, light show and a boatload of energy, 305 Fitness is here to get you in shape while having the most fun 55 you’ve ever had. However, while you will get the excitement and fun of a club night out, you will unmistakably get a serious workout. People say they burn 400-500 calories in each and every class and love the no-judgement zone class vibe. Each class includes a mix of high-intensity cardio, toning moves, and dance (no dance skills required). There is nothing like it in the area and many say 305 Fitness is the best part of their day so why not head over to their website and book a class?


Just Do It

The list above is intended to light a fire under your toosh and jump start your search for a great gym. The rest is up to you to take action. Excuses be gone!


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